Constru integration with Oracle Primavera Cloud and P6

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Integrations Oracle Primavera Cloud

Automatically update activity "actuals" on Oracle's P6 and Primavera Cloud with a single click of a button

At Constru we are hyper focused on our customers, constantly monitoring industry needs and updating our product roadmap to meet those needs. While we do our best to provide maximum value within the platform, we know that not all needs can be met there, and so ecosystem integrations are crucial in empowering customers to fully leverage the Constru platform.

One example is our integration with Oracle Primavera Cloud and P6, an industry leading integration that enables you to connect your Oracle environment to next generation computer vision and AI technology.

How the schedule integration works

Constru’s construction brain analyzes 360° images taken on site to update your schedule and enable you to:

  • Automatically fill % completed, "Actual start" and "Actual Finish" on a weekly basis or on shorter intervals.
  • Plan precisely, using true actuals.
  • Free up team members who currently spend dozens of hours per month verifying, collecting and manually updating progress into Primavera.
  • Update the master schedule, construction schedule and Lookahead schedule for different activity breakdowns - from milestones to granular tasks.
  • Create and accurately track the 1/2/3/4/5/6w lookahead schedule

To read more about integration and to connect your Constru platform to Oracle, visit our app page on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.