Constru partners with DL E&C to bring computer vision and AI tech to S. Korea

Nissim Alkobi /

APAC Partnerships S. Korea

While there are many languages spoken across the globe, there is one language spoken in almost every country: construction

We are excited to announce our partnership with DL E&C, a leading builder in South Korea, that will bring next generation computer vision and AI technology to S. Korea. Constru and DL E&C's joint "D Vision" field management solution leverages Constru's AI-based computer vision technology and 360-degree imagery to improve the quality of construction sites and maximize the efficiency of process status management.

DL E&C said its solution would help check and take action more quickly as AI replaces previously manual and time consuming tasks. The construction period can be shortened as quality management and work can be handled with minimal manpower. Read more about this exciting new partnership here.