The importance of being an ecosystem player

Keren Yaniv /

API Integrations Product

Ecosystem integrations may be the most important step for companies that want to create real value for their customers

I’ve worked in the tech space for over 15 years, with various roles as a senior product leader, and have been leading Constru’s product strategy since 2019. One thing I have always understood was how fast the pace of development is and how companies are constantly struggling to keep up.

The truth is, when trying to address a complex industry like Construction, no company can keep up. The needs and demands of the customers are far beyond what any single company can provide, and that’s why it’s critical for tech companies addressing the industry to work together.

In only my second month at Constru I was already leading various discussions on our integration strategy. Since we understood the magnitude of the challenge ahead of us, the market’s robust tech ecosystem, and trends from other industries, the need for integrations was clear to us early on. The 2019 contech report by JBKnowledge clearly indicated it and McKinsey’s 2020 “Seizing opportunity in today’s construction technology ecosystem” highlighted it in even bolder colors. Hugh Seaton’s construction technology quarterly updates indicated the rise of IT in construction and the different needs coming out of it.

Although the need was clear to us, in 2019 we were a young startup with great ambitions, and so integrations were a scary move. As a young startup, you want to be the single source of truth. You aspire and dream of winning the market with a large and well-known brand, and there is a constant fear of becoming just a feature in another product. On top of that you have a lot of tasks and very few resources, and so pushing integrations aside would have been an easy decision.

Of course, you don’t grow a successful startup by only making easy decisions, and so we began investing resources to ensure that we had the infrastructure to integrate with various ecosystem players to make sure our customers can leverage the full strength of our platform. Being customer obsessed means that we must allow our customers to utilize our data in a way that is useful and meaningful for them. Providing clients with actual value – and in a way that pleases them – is the reason why we exist, and it’s the only way to succeed.

From our customers we’ve learnt what different processes look like; how each region globally tackles projects differently; and how innovative they are in locating the exact pain points they have.

This is why I’m so pleased with the launch of Constru’s integrations with Procore, Oracle’s Primavera and Autodesk’s BIM360, as well as the launch of Constru’s Open API, making it simpler than ever to quickly expand our offering and our value to our customers. We are actively seeking new opportunities to magnify the impact of our data derived from Computer Vision and ML algorithms, and invite you, other players in the ecosystem, to play with us and innovate together.

We’re not lying on our laurels: we’re tackling exciting challenges in the industry, looking for innovative and creative solutions for them.