How Constru helped Ashtrom Group cut costs by 4.1% and reduce build time by 13%

Nissim Alkobi /

"We must base our company-wide methodology on Constru insights. Constru and BIM models must be integrated and be the base of our decision, micro- and macro-management, payment method, discrepancies, and leftovers."

Dotan Hazan    CEO, Construction Division, Ashtrom

The Challenge

As part of their strategy for future growth, Ashtrom, Israel’s leading construction company, was looking for technological solutions to scale in an efficient and cost-effective way. This was especially true for their 55-floor, 505,000 SQFT residential high-rise in Tel Aviv, a substantial project valued at over $125M USD. Projects at this scale and complexity often end up over budget and schedule due to many factors including rework resulting from lack of discrepancy detection and wasted materials due to inaccurate quantity tracking and reporting. 

To address this challenge, Ashtrom decided to implement Constru’s AI-powered construction solution to turn captured imagery into insights for better data-driven decision making.

We were skeptical, as we’ve already worked with tech vendors that provided partial solutions. Constru took us to another level of project monitoring and understanding the full picture and the details in real-time. We could reduce waiting time for materials, double-handling transportation and rent costs. By reducing handover time between trades, identifying bottlenecks and prioritizing team allocation, we were able to accelerate the schedule for the project by 13%”

Yossi Saidoff,  Project Manager

The Solution

By implementing the Constru system, Ashtrom was able to upgrade the way they manage projects. Capturing site reality on a weekly basis, Constru’s AI platform documents the jobsite using 360° cameras, where captured imagery is then fed into computer vision algorithms for analysis. The result is critical first-hand, image-based data, processed for insight and mapped to project plans. Leveraging this data, Ashtrom was able to track the progress of the project, automatically detect and monitor discrepancies before requiring expensive rework, track material quantities to ensure orders are placed on time, monitor budget, and streamline their payment process. 

The Results

7.6%Material cost savings   13%   Project duration reduction  4.1%   Overall costs saved 

With Constu’s quantity tracking and reporting solution, Ashtrom was able to receive automated and accurate data on required and consumed materials, saving Ashtrom 7.6% on material costs. AI discrepancies monitoring was able to identify issues before they require costly rework, providing further value and reducing liquidated damages for the project by 69%. Progress tracking through AI and next generation computer vision  was able to automatically evaluate actual project status vs. planned work, reducing the overall project time by 13%. 

The Next Steps

Consru’s solution revolutionized the way Ashtrom manages their projects, proving the value of next generation technology in the construction process. The partnership has been expanded to cover more than 3,500 residential units and 500,000 SQFT per year.