Leverage Constru’s BIM360 integration to detect and track issues within your management system

Avi Gelber /

Autodesk BIM360 Integrations

Detect issues 85% faster and reduce repetitive discrepancies by 75%

As a Superintendent or a Construction Project Manager, you want to know when there is a difference between the construction plans and what was actually built, so that you can act on it - either approve the change or make sure that the relevant subcontractor fixes it.

Typically, rework caused by these differences account for 5% of the project costs. Detecting errors fast is key to reducing this cost - for example, it is much more expensive to move a pipe when a wall that covers it is already built and needs to be dismantled. 

The Constru platform leverages next generation computer vision and AI to create insights for data driven decisions. This includes comparing your BIM to 360° images of your jobsite and automatically highlighting discrepancies between plans and as-built. As a result, the time to detect discrepancies is cut down by 85% on average. Furthermore, in a typical project, Constru reduces the number of repetitive discrepancies by 75% by detecting them in the first locations and enabling the project team to avoid them in similar locations.

BIM360 is commonly used in the construction industry to store and collaborate project documents. Some construction teams use BIM360 issues to identify and communicate areas of concern during the project. 

We understand that you have your way to manage discrepancies. If you, like many others, use BIM360 Issues for it, you can now easily export Constru discrepancies to BIM360 and manage them as you are used to. That’s right - you can track all issues, including Constru automatic insights, without changing the way you work! 

Managing Constru discrepancies as part of your BIM360 enables you to save hours of site walks to detect them by yourself, and easily communicate with the person in charge to ensure it is fixed in a timely manner at minimal cost. To read more about our BIM360 integration click here to visit our page on the Autodesk App Store.