Constru Integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud

Nissim Alkobi /

Autodesk BIM Integrations

Integration Ensures Consistent Change Management and Issue Tracking

We are excited to announce an integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud®, a portfolio of software and services that combines advanced technology, a builders network and predictive insights for construction teams. The new integration enables owners, developers, and general contractors to detect differences between the plans and actual conditions in Constru, create a discrepancy list, and automatically connect to new BIM 360® including relevant drawings and images.

With over 85% of construction projects over budget, and 20% behind schedule, construction teams are turning to innovative technologies for solutions. As organizations look to implement these technologies, many struggle with tracking planned vs actual conditions throughout the project. The new integration improves performance, reduces costs, and creates insights for data-driven decisions by overlaying visual documentation (actuals) on top of the design models (plans).

"Autodesk Construction Cloud is a leading technology that connects teams, workflows, and data," said Jessica Herrala, Chief Revenue Officer at Constru. "This integration enables project teams to connect critical data and workflows within BIM 360 with Constru’s industry leading computer vision and AI platform. Rather than relying on a person walking a jobsite and documenting discrepancies, Constru manages planned vs actual with computer vision, eliminating the need for valuable resources spent on manual labor. This not only is significantly lower in cost but is also far more accurate by eliminating human bias.”

“Tracking planned vs actual conditions in a project has historically been subject to human error, which can lead to costly project delays and unnecessary rework," said James Cook, Director of Partner Integrations at Autodesk Construction Solutions. "Integrating discrepancies detected with Constru’s computer vision and AI platform with BIM 360 further improves field to office collaboration, ensuring construction teams can find, track, and resolve problems faster and more efficiently.”

For more information and to integrate visit the Autodesk App Store.