The Value of Data and AI to Construction Project Managers

Yelena Plotkin /

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PMOs are on a constant hunt for reliable and up-to-date information

Prior to my current role as an Innovation Expert at Constru, I had 13+ years’ experience in project management and other roles at a major construction company. In my most recent role I was Head of the PMO Dept, managing 15+ engineers and overseeing an annual project budget of over $600 million. When people ask me what my biggest work challenge was, the answer is easy: collecting accurate and reliable data from construction sites.

Among all major industries, construction is one of the least technologically advanced, even though challenges on construction projects are far more complex than those faced in other industries. For example, the schedule plan, which is just one aspect of a construction project, requires thousands of activities to be tracked and analyzed; something already far more complex than most SaaS products on the market which take full advantage of new technology and automations. This is just one challenge among the many that have a tremendous impact on PMOs, who are tasked with connecting the dots between plan and progress on site, from schedule to budget, income, forecasts, and more.

The PMO, along with many others in the construction industry, are on a constant hunt for reliable and up-to-date information, enabling informed decisions that keep projects on schedule and under budget. This core challenge is being directly addressed by Constru’s computer vision and AI offering, which is a major reason I decided to join the company.

No more assumptions and estimations to get the current project status

No more hustling on the construction site, chasing site managers and subcontractors

No more incomplete and inaccurate data

No more arguing about when and what tasks were completed

Automated data collection through computer vision, combined with AI processing to collect data in a single updated platform, means everything is transparent and made available so anyone can see the most updated project data and status from anywhere. Constru liberates the site team from the burden of collecting data, decreasing the time spent on meetings, phone calls, and emails, allowing them to concentrate on what matters most: analyzing progress, solving issues, improving safety, and improving project performance.

When I joined Constru and gave my experience as a PMO, I was clear that integration with existing platforms is critical. Constru now integrates with all major scheduling tools, fully automating reporting and eliminating the need for manual updates which are time consuming and inaccurate. Whether you use Oracle Primavera Cloud, P6, Microsoft Project, PowerProject, or several other platforms, we can support an integration that will save you time and money.

"Being a PMO in an industry starved for technology, Constru felt to me like a “magic wand.” Just as GPS platforms like Waze disrupted the way we drive and commute, Constru is disrupting the way we manage a construction project."

If you’re a PMO struggling with collecting accurate and updated information on your projects, contact us to experience the product for yourself: