Our tablet app is now live!

Tomer Iserovitch /

AI BIM Progress-Tracking

You asked. We listened. Constru's refreshed and tablet compatible UI is now live!

You and your team spend a lot of your time out of the trailer and walking the site, and we want to put the power of Constru's Intelligence and Job-site Documentation in your hands when you need it, to positively drive a conversation with a trade partner, make a better decision faster and have everyone aligned around the same understanding so efficient work can take place.

Verify progress from anywhere!

The power of Computer Vision and AI can reduce your time spent on site walks by up to 40%

The project team and trade partners can now verify progress (% completed) no matter where they are

  • In the trailer
  • Walking the job site
  • Off site and on the go

“We stopped walking the site. All we’re doing is checking small things… anything we know you’re tracking, we don’t track anymore.”

Sr. Superintendent - An ENR20 GC - Residential Tower
Swap Axes, Look at a status overview or dive deep into % completion and visualize progress over the 2D floor plan.

Improve build-quality using AI detected discrepancies on-site

“With repetitive work and identical room layouts, your sensitivity to picking up issues drops. Constru  ai-discrepancies sure comes in handy to pick the things we overlook so we're better prepared for rough-ins, and have shorter punch-lists!”

Superintendent - An ENR100 GC - Dormitory Project

View the job site and 3D model on-site with any iOS or Android tablet

Manage work directly where work is happening, referencing reality captures and the BIM model with your team and trade-partners.

Ever needed to see through walls or ask a trade to do the installation exactly as he did on a previous floor for the next 20 floors? Skip the elevator ride, just pick up your tablet.

Automated schedule actuals and schedule tracking

On demand - accurate, timely, up-to-date actuals integrated with your schedule

Easily update the schedule each week with accurate timely data

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